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The College of Education has established a number of discussion lists for the benefit of students and faculty. At the end of the students career students want to move on to other professional discussions. To facilitate their departure, we have created this UNSUBSCRIBE page.

Students may remove themselves from their Major Code or Program Code LISTSERV. In setting up this page, we are encouraging students to delete their initial address as well as all subsequent addresses! Please be aware that Alumni and KERA Professional LISTSERVs are available for Program graduates.

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Department Unsubscribe Button Code Description of Major or Program Code
EDCGSTU* BUED Business Education (MA, EdD)
EDCGSTU* SEEE English Education (BA, MA, EdD)
EDCGSTU* SECL Foreign Language (Classics)
EDCGSTU* SEFE Foreign Language (French)
EDCGSTU* SEGE Foreign Language (German)
EDCGSTU* SESP Foreign Language (Spanish) Education
EDCGSTU* EISD Instructional Design (MS, EdD)
EDCGSTU* INAD Instruction and Administraiton (EdD)
EDCGSTU* SEME Math Education (MA, EdD, PhD)
EDCGSTU* SEED Secondary Education (MA)
EDCGSTU* SESS Social Studies Education (MA, EdD)
EDCGSTU* SESE Science Education (MA, EdD)
EDCGSTU* VOED Vocational Education (MA/MS, EdD)
EDCGSTU* MIC Masters with Initial Certification
EDCSTU EMSC Middle School(MA)
EDCSTU AGED Agriculture Education (BS)
EDCSTU ARED Art Education (BFA)
EDCSTU IECE Early Childhood Education
EDCSTU ELEM Elementary Education (BA)
EDCSTU ITED Industrial and Technical Education
EDCSTU MSED Middle School Education (BA)
EDCSTU MUED Music Education
EDCSTU SEDS Speech and Drama
EDCSTU SEME Secondary Education (BA/BS)
EDCSTU SEEE English Education (BA)
EDCSTU SEME Math Education (BA)
EDCSTU SESE Science Education (BA/BS)
EDCSTU SESS Social Studies Education (BA)
EDCSTU FCSE Family and Consumer Science Education
EDLSTU* ADSU Administration and Supervison (EdS)
EDLSTU* INAM Instruction and Supervison (EdD)
EDPSTU* CNPS Counseling Psychology (MS, EdS, PhD)
EDPSTU* EDPS Educational Psychology (MS, EdS, PhD)
EDPSTU* ESPP School Psychology (MS, EdS, PhD)
EDSGSTU* SPED Special Education(MS, EdD)
EDSGSTU* RECO Rehabilitation Counseling (MRC)
EDSSTU ECE Interdisciplinary Early Childhood (BA, MA)
COMMDIS PCOD Communications Disorders (PreProf)
COMMDIS CODI Communications Disorders (MS)
EPESTU* EPSE Policy Analysis (EdD)
EPESTU* ESPS Policy Analysis (MS)
EPESTU* SHED Higher Education (PhD)
EPESTU* HIED Higher Education (MS)
EPESTU* EPSE Distance Learning Students (PhD)
EPESTU SHED Distance Learning Students (EdD)
KHPSTU HPER Health, PE and Rec (MA/MS, EdD)
KHPSTU EXSC Exercise Science (PhD)
KHPSTU KHPR Kinesiology, Health Promotion (MS, EdD)
KHPSTU KINE Kinesiology (BS)
KHPSTU HEPR Health Promotion (BS)
KHPSTU PHED Kinesiology (P-12) (BS)
SCHSWSTU SOWK School Social Work (BA, MSW)
SEMSTU STEM Program Students
SEMSTU STEM Graduate Students
UKLMS LISC Library Media Specialist


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