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Central Kentucky Middle and High School Science Teacher Alliance
Kentucky Association for Academic Competition
Kentucky Association of Career and Technical Educators
Kentucky Association of Education Supervisors
Kentucky Association of Health, P.E., Recreation and Dance
Kentucky Academy for the Integration the of Arts and Chinese
Kentucky Association of Psychologists in the Schools
KY Virtual High School Educators
KY Community College to University Committee
Kentucky Middle and High School Literacy Programs
KY District 504 Coordinators
Kentucky Arts Academies
KY P-12 Athletic Directors
Kentucky Adult Literacy
Kentucky Art Education Professionals
KY Alternative School Personnel
Kentucky Advanced Placement Teachers
Kentucky English Advanced Placement Teachers
Kentucky Humanities Advanced Placement Teachers
Kentucky Foreign Language Advanced Placement Teachers
Kentucky Math Advanced Placement Teachers
Kentucky Science Advanced Placement Teachers
Kentucky Social Studies Advanced Placement Teacher
Kentucky Advisory Panel on Exceptional Children
KY Archery Program Coaches
Visual and Performing Arts Teacjers
Kentucky Arts-ECE Institute Participants
Kentucky Association of School Business Officers
Kentucky Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
KY National Archery in the Schools Program
KY Assistive Technology Coordinators
KY Autism Information Exchange
KY Academic Villages
KY Baseball Coaches
KY Boys Basketball Coaches
KY School Board Members
KY Bowling Coaches
KY Business Education Teachers
KY Caveland Educational Cooperative
Kentucky Cross Country Coaches
Instructional Alignment Team for College and Career Readiness
Kentucky College and Career Readiness Coaches Association
KY Commonwealth Diploma Program Coordinators
KY Community Education Directors
KY Cheer Sponsors
KY First Steps' Child Evaluator
Kentucky Center for Instructional Discipline Coaches and Administrators
Continuous Instructional Improvement Technology System
KY Computer Education Teachers
KY Curriculum Resource Teachers
Kentucky Computer Science Teachers Association
KY District Assessment Coordinators
KY Dance Educators
Persons Concerned with Educating the Deaf
KY Division for Early Childhood
KY Minority Educator Recruitment Retention
KY Drop Out Prevention
Directors of Special Education in Ky Schools
KY Directors of Pupil Personnel
KY Drama Teachers
KY DSS Digital Learning
KY District Technology Coordinators
KY Early Childhood Mental Health Program
KY Economic Education Educators
KY Public Information Organizations
KY Primary Teachers (P-4)
KY English Teachers
KY Promoting Entrepreneurial Behavior (K-12)
KY Environmental Educators
KY English as a Second Language Teachers/Directors
KY Extended School Services Coordinators
KY Football Coaches
KY Family and Consumer Science
KY Future Educators Association Advisors
Fishing Team Coaches
KY Foreign Language Teachers
KY Family Resource and Youth Service Centers
KY Food Service Directors
KY Gifted and Talented Educators
KY Girls Basketball Coaches
Kentucky Global Competency Program Review
KY Geography Teachers
KY Golf Coaches
KY Green River Human Resource Management Association
KY Green River Educational Cooperative
KY Guidance Counselors
KY District Health Coordinators
KY Higher Education Middle School Educators
KY Teachers of the Hard of Hearing
KY Interagency Coordinating Council of the First Steps System
KY Item Development and Continuous Assessment Community
KY Individual Learning Plan Educators
Kentucky Instructional Supervisors
KY Internet 2 Applications
Kentucky's IT Academy, sponsored by the Office of Knowledge, Information and Data Services (KIDS)
KY Information Technology Instructors
Persons who are interested in sharing videoconference solutions
KY Journalism Teachers
KY K12 Science Teachers
Kentucky Educational Development Corporation
KY Lacrosse Coaches
Lincoln Heritage Council
Center for Collaborative Literacy Development
KY Library Media Specialists
KY Maintenance Directors
KY Math Teachers
KY Middle School Football Coaches
KY Middle School Teachers
KY Migrant Students' Teachers
KY Educators working with Moodle
KY Teachers of Students who are Moderately and Severely Disabled
KY Middle School Track and Field
KY MUNIS Users' Group
KY MUNIS Accounts Payable Personnel
KY Music Educators
KY Wrestling Coaches
KY National Board Certification Program
Kentucky New Teachers (1st, 2nd and 3rd year)
NLA Principals and CIM Teacher Leaders
KY NOVELL Users Group
KY School Nurses
Kentucky Organization of Superintendents' Administrative Assistants
KY P20 Participants
KY Parent Advocates of Libraries (School)
KY Educators concerned with Performance Based Learning
KY Professional Development Coordinators
KY Personnel Directors
KY Pre-School Educators
KY K12 Principals
KY Science and Math Educators
KY Teacher Quality Initiative
KY Region 1 District Technology Coordinators
KY Region 2 District Technology Coordinators
KY Region 4 District Technology Coordinators
KY Region 5 District Technology Coordinators
KY Region 6 District Technology Coordinators
Kentucky Region 6 District Technicians & Network Administrators
KY Region 7 District Technology Coordinators
KY Region 8 District Technology Coordinators
KY Reading Teachers
KY Reading First Coaches
KY Reading First Participants
KY Read to Achieve
KY Reading Mentors
Region ONE Teachers, Administrators and Consultants
Region TWO Teachers, Administrators and Consultants
Region THREE Teachers, Administrators and Consultants
Region FOUR Teachers, Administrators and Consultants
Region FIVE Teachers, Administrators and Consultants
Region SIX Teachers, Administrators and Consultants
Region SEVEN Teachers, Administrators and Consultants
Region EIGHT Teachers, Administrators and Consultants
KY Educators Concerned with School Safety
KY Educators implementing SB 1
KY School Based Council Participants
KY States Collaborative on Assessment of Student Standards
KY School Bookkeepers Communication Forum
KY School Social Workers
KY Special Education Tracking System
KY Student Information System/Infinite Campus
KY Speech-Language-Hearing Association
KY High School Boys and Girls Soccer Coaches
KY Educators Concerned with Social Justice
KY Social Studies Teachers
KY Softball Coaches
KY Special Education Teachers and Directors
Kentucky School Public Relations Association
KY Managers of SSTS
Faculty Teaching and Associated with STEM Education
KY School Technology Leadership Program
KY STLP Students
KY Strength Coaches
KY Educators concerned about suicide
KY Superintendents
KY Swimming Coaches
Kentucky Transfer Agreement Group
KY Teacher Discussion of Professional Standards
KY Teacher Certification Officers, Directors
KY Track and Field Coaches
KY Teacher Internship Program Coordinators
KY Title I Coordinators
Coordinators of English Learners Programs
KY Technology Leaders
KY Tennis Coaches
KY Athletic Trainers
KY Transportation Coordinators
KY Universal Design for Learning Educators
KY Educators Concerned w/ Undergraduate Math/Science Standards
KY Volleyball Coaches
Kentucky Wrestling Coaches
KY Writing Project Educators
KY Digital Learning Coach
KY Learning Forward Affiliates


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